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Based out of John Day, OR we are the only cannabis dispensary in Grant County. When measure 91 passed in the state of Oregon, counties had an opportunity to “opt out” of recreational marijuana sales, production and processing. Naturally, Grant County was one of the many Eastern Oregon counties to opt out. This left growers and cannabis consumers without access to their medicine and income.
Geographically isolated from dispensaries (100+ miles away), we took action.
Discussions with county court started; discussion about how to overturn the ban on recreational cannabis; to no avail. Commissioners cited that they wanted to “leave it to their constituents” thinking that there is no way the citizens would vote in recreational marijuana on their own. After a lot of emotional testimony in county court from terminally ill patients, growers and more, the courts decided to allow us a medical only dispensary. We joined the state when there were only 7 medical only dispensaries left. Because of this, we had limited access to concentrates, distillates, edibles and RCO’s because of Oregon’s new rules on transferring between licensees.
This started up a whole new battle. We knew it was time to organize a petition to pass recreational sales and production. It was time to gather the citizens and get the community as angry as we were. After filing a petition and getting the appropriate amount of signatures, we had the initiative on the ballot. After a tense voting day, hopeful tears and lots of anxiety, we took a punch to the stomach… we lost. After gathering our thoughts, coordinating a new plan we said; “that’s ok, we will try again next year.”
We showed up the following year with another petition, written better and organized by a better team. We gathered signatures in record time and made it on the ballot. We educated, we advocated and we made our voices heard. You couldn’t go anywhere in this county without seeing or hearing about cannabis prohibition. This time, VICTORY. Grant County had recreational cannabis.
We applied to the OLCC for our retailer license, switching from medical only. The OLCC expedited our application and we opened our doors August 18, 2018.
Now we pride ourselves in being everything our community expected. We donate, we educate and we advocate. We also stock the best cannabis products available from around the state of Oregon. 


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